Cigna Health Insurance – Get The Real Truth

In 1982, INA Corporation and Connecticut General Corporation got together to form CIGNA. Its logo is the Tree of Life which symbolizes CIGNA’s mission, culture and products. Like a strong tree, CIGNA also has a deep root. INA started in 1792 while Connecticut General started 1865. CIGNA health insurance is sensitive to the health care needs of people and believes that good health comes with a good sense of well-being. Cigna health insurance plans include:

1. Medical – gives you a variety of services and programs that can meet your needs and improve your well-being and health.

2. Pharmacy gives you access to over 57,000 participating pharmacies. Once you become a member, you can order your drug prescription online which will be delivered to your home for your convenience.

3. Dental – with this plan, visiting to your dentist makes it more cost effective and convenient. Mostly there are no forms to fill out, no more waiting period and no need to meet deductibles.

4. Behavioral Health gives importance not only to your physical health but shall also ensure your mental well-being.

5. Vision – members of this plan can have access to many network providers of quality eye specialists.

6. Life – provides you with the greatest coverage when you need it the most while you are still earning and working for your future.

7. Accident – in case of serious injuries or death, members or beneficiaries can get the benefits.

8. Disability – a member suffering from disability can be covered up to 6 months of no income due to illness or injury.

Cigna Health Insurance received awards like “Best Technology” which was introduced by Health Plan Organization for both Employee and Consumer Choice. Another top award received by the said company is under the category of Consumer Health Care which is “Best Health Initiative Plan.” According to Business Insurance Readers, CIGNA is the best when it comes to managing care and employee assistance.

Cigna Health Insurance – What You Should Know

Cigna medical insurance is one of many private medical insurance companies that are committed to providing its customers with the best care and coverage available for their needs, no matter what those needs might be. This company is a global corporation that has created a multi-million dollar impact on the private insurance industry, and their mission is to help improve the quality of life and overall health of people around the world. There are plenty of different plans and healthcare options to choose from, including the following:

Exclusive provider plans allow you to see whatever doctor you want and have the costs covered as long as that doctor is part of the Cigna health insurance network. If you choose this type of plan, you enjoy the benefits of getting healthcare services wherever you need them as long as the facility has at least one doctor that is from the network. With a company this large, that isn’t going to be difficult to find.

HMO plans are also available, and are designed to make sure that people can get the care that they need with better payment options and coverage than other types of insurance coverage. You can choose your doctor and hospital preferences from locations all over the world. In this plan, out-of-network providers are allowed to be used, as well.

Indemnity insurance and health savings plans are also available from Cigna health insurance programs. These consumer-driven health plans are ideal for people who need alternatives to a traditional health insurance plan. With so many different options here, the goal is to allow people to pay for what they need and save money because they aren’t paying extra for things that they won’t use.

Point of service health insurance plans are a final offering from Cigna health insurance. These plans allow people to choose their providers, in network or out, right at enrollment. In-network providers will help people get coverage benefits from the plans but non-network providers are readily available and allow people to see any provider that they wish to use when they need healthcare services.

There are plenty of different things to consider when you are shopping for insurance, including when you are looking at all of the different plans that you have to choose from. You should ask questions about different insurance plans and make sure that you get the ideal Cigna health insurance plan for your needs or the needs of your family.

CIGNA Health Insurance Company of Arizona Review

CIGNA Health Insurance Company of Arizona is a solid choice for those looking for affordable AZ health insurance coverage. Perhaps not as well known as many other health care companies, CIGNA has been around since the year 1792 when the Insurance Company of North America (INA) was formed by a group of citizens in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company started offering health insurance when they acquired the HMO network of Los Angeles in 1978. A year later the company acquired HMO’s in Phoenix, Arizona and in Dallas, Texas. In 1982 the company became known as CIGNA when INA and Connecticut General Insurance Corporation combined.

Nowadays CIGNA has continued to grow in every state they offer coverage in, and the state of Arizona is not an exception. CIGNA covers about 500,000 members in the state of Arizona alone through their Arizona Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) network, their Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network and their AZ Health Savings Accounts plans, not to mention that numbers continue to grow. The largest coverage area within the state is Phoenix where an estimated 150,000 members are located and the company has over 20 offices in the metro area of this city.

Based within the state in the city of Phoenix because is the largest member area within the state as discussed before, the company offers their benefits to residents of the following counties: Apache, Coconino, Gila, La Paz, Maricopa, Mohave, Navajo, Pinal, Yavapai and Yuma. Apart from the network of plans listed above they offer Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid and Point of Service (POS) plans. Although the company itself is not a major insurance company within the United States, it has continued to grow and experts predict that it will continue its progress through 2008. With only 5 states where it offers coverage (Tennessee and Florida being the ones where it has expanded the most), it’s only expected that the company continue to expand across America.

Within Arizona, CIGNA offers only one plan that is good for the general person that is looking for a well-developed, low-cost and comprehensive coverage Arizona health insurance plan. The plan itself is available to individuals that are 18 years of age or older, families with children up to 18 years of age or 23 if the son/daughter is a full time student and children without an adult subscriber who are at least 3 months of age. In order for you to receive coverage, the company asks that a person resides within one of the service areas for at least 9 months or more, unfortunately if you recently move to a service area you must wait the specified amount of time for you to be able to purchase a CIGNA plan.

The service areas within Arizona are divided into two. The Phoenix service area incorporates the counties of Maricopa and the city of Apache Junction. On the other hand the Tucson and Southern Arizona service area covers the counties of Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, Pima, Pinal and Santa Cruz counties.

The good thing about this one CIGNA AZ plan is that it covers everything one can think of when it comes to health care. For primary care physician (PCP) services a member must pay $25 with no limit on visits through the calendar year. For specialists they are required to pay a little bit higher ($50) but like PCP visits, there is not a limit on visits. Other services that are covered by the plan for which a member won’t have to pay a single cent are lab and x-rays and blood pressure checks.

The prescription coverage side of the policy is divided into three tiers like many other insurance companies do. For generic drugs a person should be expected to pay $15, for brand name medications they should expect to pay $40 and for specially drugs they are expected to pay up to $60 dollars. The emergency care fee is $150, however there are special places within the Arizona service areas that are sponsored by the company called CIGNA Medical Group Urgent Care , that a member can go to in order to avoid the emergency room fee. In this group urgent care facilities, a member will only have to pay $75.

The coverage for Inpatient Care holds a $1,000 year deductible for individual and a $3,000 year deductible pre family. After you have met the deductible you will only be required to pay a 20% co-insurance. For Outpatient Care the member has the same deductibles and the same 20% co-insurance after the deductible has been met. The only difference is that in outpatient every diagnostic test or x-ray such as a CT, MRI, MRA or PET would include $100 copayment.

Other important things that the plan offers include chiropractor services for $50 a visit (a limit of 12 visits per calendar year), maternity care in which you wont have to pay anything for prenatal and post-partum exams, but at the time of delivery a 20% co-insurance is applied. Vision coverage is also worth mentioning, you will pay $30 for one exam per calendar year at a CIGNA vision center. It is important to note that if you have an eye exam somewhere else, you will be charged full price for it.

Family planning services are also covered, although infertility treatment is left out of the equation and you would have to go somewhere else for that. The plan also offers short term rehabilitation, mental health services, substance abuse services and detox services. Out-of-pocket maximums for this plan are $3,000 for individual and $10,000 for family and the lifetime benefit is unlimited. This last part means that if you reach the out-of-pocket maximum within a calendar year you will not be cut off coverage.

Extensive and Reliable Cigna Health Insurance Coverage Plans

Nothing is sure in this world, and this is why Cigna health insurance coverage is so extensive and reliable. Cigna wants to bring you the best comfort and safety that you could ever get from a health insurance plan. They are fully committed to the communities that they belong to. This is why, although they are a multi-million global corporation, they still take their social responsibility very seriously. They see it as a chance to extend their mission to improve health and quality of life all over the world.

There are so many Cigna health insurance coverage plans to choose from.

Consumer driven health plans: these plans let users use a health plan savings account, health reimbursement arrangement and other payment methods that protect them from catastrophic medical expenses. These are becoming more and more popular with health insurance companies because clients like it since it only makes them pay for the things they need to use, and they don’t end up paying a high premium for nothing.

Health Maintenance Organizations and Network Plans: of course, Cigna health insurance coverage plans also include HMO. This means that this plan offers access to quality physicians and hospitals all over the world. Members can choose a Primary Care Physician who can provide routine care for the member and all his or her dependents. In this plan, members can also be allowed to use out-of-network services.

Point Of Service: This plan lets you choose in-network or out-network providers upon enrollment. With in-network providers, the member will be getting someone from the network of the physicians who are originally covered by Cigna health insurance coverage plans; but with out-network; the member can choose to see whomever they want to see.

Exclusive Provider Organization – this is when you can see any doctor you want to see and the insurance company will cover the fees, as long as they are part of the network. When you choose this plan, you are free to roam about and go to any hospital you wish, as long as there are doctors there that are included in the Cigna network.

Remember to refer to all of these plans when you are planning to enroll in a health insurance plan. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, because Cigna’s plans are in such a wide expanse that it is easy to get lost in translation. Cigna is here for you, and they want you to have the best, because you and your family deserve the best.